CEDO relies entirely on donations from generous supporters like you for its continued operations. Please support us by contributing either a one-off or regular donation. All donations contribute directly to the school’s operations and projects; there are no donor administration costs.

Make your donation at CEDO Supporters.

Note that donations made from within Australia are tax deductible.


Fundraising with CEDO Supporters.

CEDO Supporters. is an Australian organization and one of our most ardent supporters, dedicated to raising money to fund our continued operation.

We’d love you to run a fundraising event for us. We can provide any information on our activities you might need. Contact CEDO Supporters. for advice or assistance in planning and running an event.

Buy Ethical Fashion from our Partners

Support CEDO by purchasing high quality fashion products from Bora Nong

Material Donations

If you would like to donate goods, please email us first to check our current needs

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